They were on their first date and both were equally nervous!

Soon realizing their similarities, they spoke about life, their struggles and everything else they could talk about.

She – So, where do you work?

And he explained how he worked at a multinational but he didn’t really have his heart in it. He wanted to have his own little start up.

He – There’s something I want you to see but I haven’t shown it to anyone before…

And he brought out his wallet, pulled out a business card and handed it over to her.

She – A business card of your start up!

She looked at it in awe and then at him.

He took the card and went to put it back into his wallet when she saw it. A picture of a beautiful girl!

She – Who’s that?

He – Somebody whose loss I still can’t cope with!

She looked confused and a little angry.

He – Besides her smile, the most beautiful thing about her was that she was strong and soft at the same time. I’ve never met a girl who mastered both!

And he looked at the picture adoringly. However, she had different thoughts.

She – I’d better get going. This date’s over!

He suddenly looked up.

He – Why? What’s wrong?

She – Clearly you still love her.

He – Of course I’m not over her. It’s hardly been a year since she left.

She stood up and started to leave. And he suddenly understood what was bothering her. He smiled sadly.

He – That’s my sister. She died in an accident a year ago!

Author: Zainab Haji