A fight per day was a regime in their house.

Is it true what they say about fading love?

You’d think the fights would be about important things at least. But no! Their fights would be about making too much noise when he worked or her not learning how to cook or even leaving the wet towel on the floor of the living room.

As usual, she woke up at noon and directly walked in for lunch. He looked at her from inside the kitchen with the angriest glare. An upcoming fight could be sensed!

He walked to the dining table and dumped the rice angrily on her plate. She ate with her phone in her hand and her foot on the chair.

He couldn’t help but wonder how she could be this irresponsible. Was she spoiled by all the love he gave her?

Shaking his head, he went to clean her room.

Suddenly, he shouted her name. Surprised, she left the table and walked into the room!

She saw him standing there with a men’s innerwear in his hand.

He – Whose is this?

She just looked at him disgustedly.

His voice steadily grew louder.

He – I’m asking you something.

She – I don’t have to answer every question you ask. You don’t own me.

He – Of course I do!

She looked offended like never before. Her voice almost matched up to his pitch.

She – Of all the things I have ever wished for, us being strangers again is all I want!

And she stormed out of the room!

He stood there, frozen. Where had he gone wrong? How did things get this messed up?

How did the little girl from his wife’s first marriage whom he had loved so dearly, grow up to say this?

Only if his wife were alive to guide him out of this mess like she always did!

Author: Zainab Haji

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