She was asked to wear her best traditional attire. The family was coming to see her.

She dressed up like she always did on such occasions. This wasn’t new to her.

And then came the knock on the door. But before anyone opened it, her mother looked at her pleadingly.

She (Mother) – They shouldn’t know.

The door was opened and the guests were welcomed warmly. Talk began and questions were asked. The usual!

The potential couple was then sent in a room for a more private conversation. Just as she stood up to leave, she glanced at her Ma.The mother worriedly looked at her and shook her head indicating a ‘no’.

They went into her room and awkwardly looked at each other.

She – Let me get straight to the point.

He looked confused.

She – I don’t want to get married.

He – Why is that? Why won’t you get married?

She – I have standards that I’m not ready to compromise.

He – What do you mean?

She – I’m a single mother.I have a two month old daughter and I know no man would respect me and my daughter the way I would like him to. My parents don’t want me to tell you just yet but I don’t want to build a relationship on a lie. I would rather live alone respectfully than married and disrespected.

He – And you think all men are like that?

She – I haven’t yet found someone who would prove otherwise.

He got up and walked out the door. She followed.

Both families stopped talking abruptly as the two entered.

He – I’ve made my mind. I’m marrying this woman!

He looked at her and smiled.



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