It was an excruciatingly tiring day at work. But she knew what would soothe her. An hour later.

She knocks on his door. She waited with arms folded, wrinkles on her forehead, foot tapping away. What was taking so long?

Finally, he opens the door and smiles like sunshine on a gloomy day. All her cares are forgotten. She goes along with her usual regime – freshens up, goes into the bedroom and sits on the bed, cross-legged beside him and starts venting.

She – “So, I told my boss that I want a week off. Is that too much to ask for? And then that Riya barges in, coos like a silly cuckoo and asks him for a month’s leave. A MONTH! Even Ansh didn’t get such a long leave. Speaking of Ansh, rumors are he’s going to get fired soon…”

She keeps blabbering for a solid hour without even taking water breaks. How does she manage to?

She – “…and then I finally forgave her. Wait…what were we originally talking about?”

Unsurprised, he laughs a polite laugh and walks out of the room. Comes back with a tray of hot chai and her favourite biscuits. He knows how ironically the hot cup of tea cools her down. Settling the tray in front of her…

He – “You were talking about your boss and a week’s off.”

Overcome with a love so strong, she hugs him and giggles.

She – “You know why I spend so much time with you?”

He – *looks curiously at her*

She – “While everyone else pretends to listen, you pay attention, Grandpa.”

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