He could have given everything he had to hear her say the three words back – ‘I love you’. But she never did!

It had been over a year since he confessed his love to her. But his feelings remained just as fresh as they initially were.

This was like just any other day. There they were, walking in the park as usual having a quiet conversation.

He – But what is it that keeps you from love?

She (smiles uneasily) – I’m happy being solo.

He – Are you scared or scarred?

She abruptly stops walking.

She – I’ve never talked about this before but…

And she pulls up her sleeves. And there they are – a number of scars on both her arms.

He looks at her and his eyes tear up. He gently touches the scars and it hurts him to even imagine what she must have gone through to do this to herself.

She – You are the first person I have willingly shown these to.

He – Why? Why did you show them to me?

She – I felt like I had to.

He (smiles sadly) – And this is the beginning of how you will love again.

She – How do you do this? How do you have this much faith?

He – That’s just what I do. I believe!

Years pass by like this and then one day –

She – You were right. That day I took a step closer to forgiving myself and those who did wrong to me. I could love again.

He – I’m happy for you.
So what if the person you love isn’t me.


Author: Zainab Haji

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