They sat there, reliving old memories.

He – I still remember the day we first met.

She blushed and turned as red as the sofa she was sitting on.

He – You were so nervous. You had fidgeted with your hair the whole time. Don’t think I didn’t notice!

She (surprised) – You still remember?

He – Of course, I do. It’s one of my best memories. I also remember how you had knocked down the glass of water while removing something from your bag. You had apologized to me almost a hundred times. I had never tried controlling my laugh that much before.

She blushed again and tried hiding her face by walking towards the window and looking outside.

He came and stood near her.

She – It’s been seven years since that day.

He – It’s been seven years and our bond is stronger than ever.

She looked at him and smiled.

She – Because we’re the same kind of crazy.

He – You know, even all those years back I knew you were the one. I knew I could achieve great things with you and now look…

He looked at the scenery outside their window. The buildings all looked so tiny from up there.

He – We’ve built this empire together.

She – All those years back if someone would have told me that I’m going to be standing in this building with my boss who was also my best friend, I would’ve called them crazy!

And they started laughing.




Author: Zainab Haji