The smell of freshly watered mud just after the rain filled the air!

And the smell of the rain with the smell of the brewing tea was intoxicating. The two friends sat beside the vernacular tea stall and this moment could have easily been the most relaxed they had been in weeks.

Her new job had taken a toll on her and his new life hadn’t been any less of a hassle.

They had called it ‘growing up’ but they weren’t too excited about it now.

So, they breathed relief in the intoxicating smells!

She – So what’s your theory of love?

He – Divide and rule!

She – What do you mean?

He – Divide the responsibilities; let equality rule!

She – And does it always work? Doesn’t she have unreasonable demands like they say?

He – Well, she’s entitled to a few!

She – Really? Like, “let’s go get ice cream at 3 am?”

He – No, like, “Let’s actually get a stove instead of ordering take-away every day”!

And the two friends laughed heartily. At such a time, even lame jokes were fall-off-the-chair-laughing funny!

In that moment, she forgot about her monotonous 9 to 5 and he forgot about the girl who had recently started renting the apartment he lived in!

Author: Zainab Haji


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