He walked in with her too late to seem decent.

It hadn’t been too long since they started spending nights together.

They had known each other only recently and there was so much that they still didn’t know. But neither asked for neither cared!

The nights were the only times they cared for each other.

Fights in the morning and her storming out of the apartment every day was hardly a pleasant start to the day.

This was another such night.

Hours later, tired and satisfied, they dozed off to sleep.

The morning was just the usual. He startled awake as she accidentally broke a vase whilst getting ready. And so that became the cause for today’s fight.

He – That was my favorite vase. How dare you break it? Who is going to pay for it?

She removed a few notes from her purse and threw them on the bed.

She – Want more?

He – That’s the money I give you and you’re throwing it to me?

She – I own that money.

He – I own you and everything that’s yours.

She – You own that expensive car, not me. You owe me. You owe me respect. It’s time you get used to reality.

He looked at her angrily as she stormed out, loudly banging the door behind her.

Suddenly, being an escort didn’t seem as high-profile to her!

Author: Zainab Haji


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