She was a rebel. Always had been!

Neither did pleading and coaxing made her change her way of life nor did shouting.

Often voices were heard from their house. Her parents screaming at her for various things!

So this day was hardly anything new for their neighbours.

The parents were heard yelling at her and then at each other. The neighbours just laughed, shook their heads and said ‘their daughter is a rebel’ and got back to what they were doing.

But the scene inside their house was a little different.

They yelled at her, shook their fingers at her but she didn’t listen.

He (father) – How many times have we told you not to do this? Stop this misbehaviour.

She – If wanting to live a life of my choice is misbehaviour, I will never behave myself.

She looked up angrily at them, picked up the crayon and started scribbling on the wall again.

Her parents sighed and made a silent vow to buy a wall-cleaner on their next trip to the market.

Author: Zainab Haji



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