They had bumped into the street accidentally but she thought it was fate.

Both had been engrossed in their phones and neither of them saw the other rushing and bam! They had angrily turned, ready to unleash their anger but both started laughing the minute they saw who they had bumped into.

The two long-lost friends then caught up and decided to meet up the next day at his favourite café.

And so, today, she had spent most of her day grooming herself, deciding what to wear, crying about not having anything to wear, lying amidst the pile of clothes and then deciding what to wear again. The cycle went on until she finally compromised and wore her favourite dress.

She had reached the café an hour before the decided time just to make sure he didn’t have to wait. An hour and a half later, he walked in through the door.

She skipped a heartbeat, he looked that gorgeous.

Hours later, they had empty cups of coffee strewn on their table and they sat laughing at something silly she had said years ago.

It was a perfect evening and she didn’t want it to end!

He – It’s getting late and I’ve to go for this party. Hey, why don’t you come?

She (skeptically) – I don’t like them.

He – What? Why don’t you like parties?

She – Because I love to talk to people not about people!

He looked at her with an expression hard to read but then smiled her favorite smile.

He – I’m sure you’ll like this one!

And she visibly melted as he smirked. This was it!

He was finally asking her out and wanted her to come to the party because he liked her. Her dream had come true!

She – So, you really want me to come?

He (smiling) – Yes. There’s this friend of mine who would make a great pair with you. Besides, I really want you to meet my girlfriend.

Author: Zainab Haji


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