She walked in home with him as the clock struck 2 a.m.!

The building they lived in was still unfamiliar. They hadn’t gotten used to it yet! After all, it had been just a week since they had moved in.

And so, they walked on their toes so as to not disturb any of their new neighbours.

The next morning, she walked towards the vegetable vendor in bright spirits. The other building residents were already there picking fresh tomatoes and onions.

She – Good morning!

They all looked at each other before murmuring their greetings.

Her brows furrowed as she tried to understand this peculiar behavior. But she kept her cool and went about picking her share of fruits and veggies.

They kept glancing at her from the corner of their eyes. A while later, one the neighbours broke the ice.

He – So, are you married?

She (smiling) – No.

Murmuring broke out between them again.

He – So, you’re single and living with that boy? You do realise this is a family residence. What impact are you going to leave on our kids?

She looked at him, horrified. How dare they?

She – How is it your business anyway?

Their eyes widened as if she had just murdered.

He – Don’t you think you are too outspoken?

She – Don’t you think you are too outdated? Rarely have I met someone as narrow-minded as you!

Extremely agitated, she threw down her cloth bag full of potatoes and coriander and hurriedly started walking away.

She stopped abruptly and turned to look at them.

She – Oh and just so you know, he’s my brother. We’ve been living together since our parents died in a crash.

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