She was the daughter of a single mother. She was born out of wedlock!

Kiara was a teenager who had grown up with her mother. She had lived her life fairly independently. She was like any other teenager – spoiled, arrogant and selfish.

Her mother on the other hand had gone through a lot to raise Kiara. After all, the society isn’t very kind to single mothers or kids that are born out of wedlock. But the mother didn’t let Kiara feel unloved at all.

And so, Kiara had lived her life the way she wanted.

She had met her father a few times before but that was all. For her, he was just somebody who had given birth to her. Nothing more!

This was just another day. She was at home with a friend. They were talking about life and other friends. The usual things teenagers talk about!

He – What have you decided to do for your birthday?

She – I don’t know but my father had called me and asked me to meet him. So I guess I’ll go for lunch with him.

He – Tell me one thing, who do you belong to the most? Your mother or father?

She – Myself! I am no one’s to own.

And they got back to talking about other things.

They did not notice her mother standing near the door with a tray full of freshly baked cookies in her hands. They did not notice the tear roll down her cheek either!



Author: Zainab Haji

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