It had been years since they had separated.

They had wanted different things and ended up going different ways.

It’s not like she never re-read his messages or secretly wore that tiny, heart-shaped necklace that he had gifted to her. It’s not like he didn’t order a hibiscus ice tea with less sugar every time he went to a café – her favorite drink. After all, it was what she had ordered on their first date.

But they said they had moved on.

Then what was so different today? They ran into each other. Ironically in the same cafe where they had first met. All the feelings that they had tried to suppress came back like a wave of rushing emotions.

They awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to say or do. She anxiously looked down and he noticed everything that she usually did when she was nervous – she fidgeted with her bag, shifted uncomfortably on her feet, and looked anywhere but at him.

She – Hello!

And they started talking and caught up with everything that had happened in the years apart. After all, they were best friends first, lovers after.

He – What do you miss the most about us?

She – I miss the times when I never had to miss you. You?

He – I miss your laugh. I miss your hair that always smelled like flowers and what peace would smell like. I miss your soft hands and how good they used to feel when you would ruffle my hair. I miss how you would poke a finger in my dimple and tell me you want one too. I miss how you would tell the world you never cry but silently weep every time I went through a hard time. But most of all, I miss us and I wish things were different.

She – But they’re not. Anyway…

(Looking around) Where did she go?

He – Who?

She – My daughter.



Author: Zainab Haji


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