He was supposed to meet her today. Finally!

He got dressed in his best attire, sprayed on his best perfume, polished his shoes till they shone brighter than his smile and wore his favorite tie – the same one he had worn to his wedding!

He smiled at himself in the mirror.

He – It’s going to be fine. She will like me. No, she will love me!

And he left to meet her.

His mind raced as he waited for her. All kinds of scary thoughts! “What if she doesn’t like me? What if she doesn’t like some silly thing I do unknowingly?”

And just like everything goes quite after a huge storm, his mind went numb as he saw her. He stared at her with wide eyes. And then just as he realized he was staring, he looked away!

He (to himself) – She is beautiful!

She walked up to him equally nervous.

She – Hello! They just told me everything has been cleared.

He – Yes, I came to know. So how are you?

She (nervously) – I’m fine.

He took her hand in his and smiled lovingly.

He – I promise you that our love will not be easy but it won’t be ordinary either. My wife died in a car crash three years ago and I know I’m alone. The society will say things but my love for you will never falter! That’s a promise.

She – You won’t leave me like the others did, will you?

He – Never! Let’s go home then?

She smiled and held his finger.

He had entered alone and nervous but left with her, happily. Happier than he had been in such a long time! The two smiling faces happily walked out of the adoption centre.




Author: Zainab Haji

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