They walked in the park, hand in hand!

She smiled as he looked at her but it was a hollow one. Her eyes didn’t sparkle the way they always did when she smiled!

He knew something was amiss at once but decided to let her talk to him at her own time.

But she simply kept on walking, her face as gloomy as a rainy day. He had to do something.

He – So, how are things going?

She didn’t seem to hear him because she kept looking at the kids playing a few feet away.

He cleared his throat loudly to grab her attention. She startled!

She – Huh?

He – I asked how things were going.

She – Oh, things? Things are fine. Except…

And she trailed off.

He – Except what, darling?

She – You know how I’ve always been there for my best friend, right?

He – Uh huh!

She – We haven’t been in touch for quite some time now. So, I decided to call her and talk about life and things in general.

He – And?

She – She spoke about everything that’s been going on in her life but as I started talking, she was suddenly busy.

He smiled sadly at her.

He – I would stop to console everyone but nobody ever stopped for my grief. That’s when I truly learnt to move on!

She – But isn’t that your job?

He – So, you’re saying psychologists and therapists don’t have the right to feel bad about things? That is such a mean thing to say. I’m thoroughly offended!

And she laughed. He really did know how to cheer her up.

Smiling, the father and the 15 year old went on walking in the park, hand in hand.

Author: Zainab Haji

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