The day had ended and they couldn’t have been more thankful.

Even their gloomy bedroom came as a relief.

They sat next to each other, thinking about how their day couldn’t have been worse.

Minutes passed as they just sat there. Neither of them spoke and the ticking clock seemed louder than usual!

Finally, she broke the ice.

She – How was your day?

He – Horrible! Yours?

She – Couldn’t have been worse. I don’t think I’m making any progress.

He – Me neither! Nothing’s worse than being taken for granted!

She almost laughed out loud as she spoke.

She – Been misunderstood ever?

He – They just don’t understand, do they? They don’t know how much we do for them every single day.

She – And she takes everything I say in the wrong way and misunderstands everything I do!

And they sat quietly again.

He – It doesn’t feel like we’re even living for ourselves anymore.

Finally, she moved the blankets and pillows aside and laid down. He followed!

Minutes later, both fell into a disturbed sleep.

It certainly wasn’t easy being parents to a couple of teenagers!

Author: Zainab Haji


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