He knocked on her door with the packet of things she had called for.

A loud cry came from inside, ‘Come in’.

With a confused expression, he pushed open the door and walked into her room.

She sat on her bed with empty wrappers of chips and chocolates around, her mascara smudged her face, a number of pillows surrounded her and her hair was in a state.

She looked like a mess!

A huge tub of ice cream in her hands, she looked up and half-smiled.

He rushed to her side and patted her head with concern.

He – I got everything you asked for!

She looked at him with greedy eyes as he emptied the bag. Out fell a number of candy bars, chocolates, chips and ice cream cones.

A hungry smile lit her face and she gathered everything in one sweep of her arms.

He – Why all of this suddenly?

She – It’s really sad!

He – What’s really sad?

She – To recall the happy times in misery.

He – Happy times?

She – Times when I didn’t have cramps.

He suddenly understood why all the chocolates and crying. He walked out of the room and came back with a comforting smile on his face. A hot water bag and a mug of hot chocolate in his hands!

He – The least men could do is make things easier for women as they go through hell every month.

Author: Zainab Haji

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