They were close and yet so far. They could see each other every day but couldn’t hug, kiss or even meet!

She was tired. What kind of a marriage was this? But yet she loved him way too dearly to give up.

This was another one of those days. She came to see him.

She – “How are you?”

He – “I’m fine. How are the kids?”

She – “They are doing okay. They miss you.”

He stared blankly at his hands. There was a sad silence between them.

He – “Even you know I cannot do anything.”

She – “If only you had been more careful…”

He – “It wasn’t my fault. I’m tired of repeating the same sentence over and over again.”

She – “I hate it. I hate this fear. This fear, it scares me. What if this is the last time I’m talking to you?”

He looked away but not too quickly. She saw the tear roll down his cheek.

He (softly) – I love you.

The bell rang.

She looked up at the bell. The sound that was so familiar was her cue to leave.

She – “It’s your daughter’s first birthday today. I brought sweets for you. Here…”

Taking the box from her hands, he stood up to leave. The prison guard came up to him and took him back to his cell.



Author: Zainab Haji

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