It was bullying but she didn’t know quite yet!

She was called names for her appearance and her plump stature and uneven skin became the prime victims. Body shaming, bullying, assault and torture, she had seen it all!

So was it justified that she felt absolutely worthless?

She would often stay locked up in her room without food, water or even light for days at a stretch and hardly anyone would notice.

She would rarely be heard for she hardly spoke. But when she did, she would speak to her father.

She – Can I do something better with this life?

And irritated, he would banish her with his standard advice.

He – The best thing you can do is make others’ better!

But today was different. After all the names she was called, the noose didn’t think her neck was too stout. The rope didn’t think her face was too round. The fan didn’t think her body was too heavy.

With her body hanging limply from the ceiling, she had successfully taken her father’s wise advice!

Author: Zainab Haji

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