She sat there at their favorite tea stall with her best friend after a long time.

They ordered their usual ‘cutting’ and sat on the bench, with a biscuit in their hands!

He – So, how’s life these days? You finally got time to meet me!

She looked down and answered in a small voice.

She – Life’s fine! And I’ve been busy with the household. I don’t get a lot of time to step out!

He – Oh, busy married woman!

And he laughed! She somehow didn’t look even slightly amused.

She – Anyway, so tell me what’s new with you?

He – The same old job. The same old life!

She – And how is that girl you were dating?

He – I’m not ‘dating’ her. She’s just a close friend. I’m not the one to fall in love and all. It’s a trap!

She – Love is a beautiful thing if you’ve found the right one.

He – Oh come on! Everyone says love hurts! In this world, who believes in love? Who even knows what it means?

She smiled sadly at him.

She – People hurt, love doesn’t!

And she looked away, unconsciously pulling the sleeves of her t-shirt to cover her wrist. It had become a habit these days. She was always very finicky about her bare skin showing – be it her arms or her neck.

After all, she wouldn’t want the world to see the bruises. She wouldn’t want the world to know what goes on inside the closed-doors of her house. She wouldn’t want the world to think badly of her husband!

Author: Zainab Haji

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