She sat on the narrow window pane and looked at the view.

The hues of the sky, the deserted road, the faraway cemetery!

Her mind was in two states about writing a poem about it.

It was all so calm.

Except her ringing phone that was vibrating since the last 10 minutes.

Finally, tired of her own ringtone, she answered and spoke like she would speak to a wrong number.

He – But I’m sorry!

She – How dare you cut on me?

He – The connection wasn’t that great. I thought I lost you.

She – You ‘thought’ so which is why you didn’t even bother to try?

There was an awkward silence followed by a loud laugh.

He – Listen, I know you’re a writer and all but keep your philosophies to yourself. Or else, as your best friend, I will come over and whack you with your stupid phone and its stupid connection. Now tell me, are you coming to the café?


Author: Zainab Haji


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