She dragged the tiny stroller around the street and barely took notice of her surroundings.

Cars rushed close past her and their drivers screamed at her for not paying heed. Other pedestrians looked at her first then the pram and their expressions were anything but pleasant.

But she paid no heed for she was far too engrossed in her thoughts.

Suddenly, she bumped into someone so hard they were inches away from falling face-first on the road.

She turned to abuse but froze the moment she saw him.

Her heart skipped a beat just like it had when she had first seen him almost a decade ago.

Even after 2 years of the breakup, he hadn’t aged a day. The same hazel-brown eyes, the same ruffled hair, the same smirk and dimples and the same coconutty perfume!

He smiled guiltily and spoke.

He – How have you been? It’s been over a year, hasn’t it?

She – 2 years and 3 months!

He – Wow! You remember.

She scoffed and looked away at a bunch of kids playing in a far corner of the playground as avoidance. He spoke moments later.

He – You moved on too soon.

She – You took too long to make a choice between me and your ego!

Another long silence prevailed.

He – I was scared. I wanted to live my dream and you didn’t want to abort the pregnancy. And I see that you didn’t.

And he looked in the stroller but found it empty.

He – Can I see the child? I can’t call it mine but I can still look, right?

She – You could have 3 months ago. My son hasn’t used the stroller in months.

He – Why not?

She – He didn’t just get your eyes. He got your cancer too! But my stupid heart doesn’t want to let go of his memory just like I kept your sweater for years after we separated!

Author: Zainab Haji


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