Just a usual day, he was on his way to work.

He was minding his own business and walking his usual route.

He – A good day today!

And he smilingly began to cross the street. Suddenly a car appeared from nowhere and crashed into him.

He fell onto the road and could see the pool of blood steadily spreading around him. With half-closed eyes, he saw the car speed away. He could do nothing but wait. Wait for someone to help him! No one came.

Surprisingly, he laughed. He laughed at his own misery and then his eyes welled up with tears.

He – How could this happen to me?

He knew the answer. It was as if Karma itself was talking to him.

Karma – You wouldn’t understand the damage you’ve done unless it happened to you!

His eyes closed slowly and he was left there, unconscious.


He was whistling whilst driving his way to work. It was a good day!

He sped past trees and buildings. His usual route!

He was going faster than he usually would. The scenery outside was now a blur.

And then suddenly he felt it. He felt his car run over something. He stopped and walked out to see what happened.

He saw it, covered in blood and breathing its last breath.

He got into his car and drove off, acting as if nothing happened at all.

He – “It’s no big deal. After all it was just a little puppy. How much is an animal’s life worth?”

And he started whistling again!

Author: Zainab Haji




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