It was their first date and you could make that out from the nervousness etched on their faces.

Sure, they really liked each other from the first time they met but first dates do that to people.

They sat on the high stools at the bar, each holding a drink. He, with a glass of neat scotch and she held a martini. Nervously, both stirred their drinks without making eye contact.

She felt the need to break the tension.

She – So, tell me something about yourself. I saw a picture of you with a girl on social media. She looked pretty.

He – Oh yeah. I love her. We are as inseparable as joy and sorrow.

She smiled awkwardly and continued sipping her drink, feeling a little weird.

He – But she has gone to the States for further studies and I really miss her. We have done so much together that it’s like missing a part of myself.

She nodded her head and looked away. So lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice the sudden awkwardness. He was just glad to be talking about something.

He – We’ve spent most of our time together and I absolutely adore her.

She put her drink down a little louder than she intended to and spoke in a high pitch.

She – Alright, I get it.

He looked at her, confused and then suddenly, he understood.

He – She’s my step-sister. We live together since her mother and my father split up. She’s the only family I have!

Author: Zainab Haji


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