He was happier than usual but one couldn’t really call that being happy.

He felt relieved; like a heavy boulder was lifted from his shoulders. And he had every reason to!

Today, he was finally going home. An apartment that he had called home for so long which would’ve been in a mess all these days.

Walking out, he thought back about his home and everything in it. His single bed, his small kitchen in the living room, his fan which he had tied a rope to so often. One wouldn’t call it a very comfortable place to live but he was satisfied.

Now, someone wouldn’t constantly monitor his every move.

As he walked through the gates, the watchman smiled at him lovingly. He returned the smile but only for the fraction of a second.

He (watchman) – Finally free?

He looked at him for a second with an expression difficult to read and answered a moment later.

He – You think you’re free but you’re imprisoned by your own thoughts.

And without a second glance, he walked out onto the street and got lost in the crowd a minute later.

The watchman stood there, trying to understand what he meant.

He (watchman) – Is the asylum even curing the patients before releasing them?

Shaking his head, he went back to his usual seat and started patrolling the asylum gates again.

Author: Zainab Haji


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