She banged the ladle in the vessel as an excuse to stirring.

The steamy kitchen was hot but her head was hotter, she was that mad at him.

The argument had just ended and the tension was tangible in the air.

As she bustled from here to there to prepare the dinner, he sat at the dinner table catching glimpses of her.

He was as scared and nervous as she was angry. It was an amusing combination for one to see!

Moments passed as he sat staring at her moving swiftly from one thing to another. She was a delight to watch. She had to barely look at the onions while chopping them. She could stir the curry and bring out vegetables from the refrigerator at the same time. It was like watching a sailor expertly sail his cruise.

Lost in his dream, he didn’t realise he was talking.

He – It’s such a feast to watch…

She – What?

She spoke so loudly that his reverie was broken and he sat upright.

He thought fast to make up something. All seemed lost!

He – Calm waters ready to turn into a hurricane. Umm…it’s a lot like watching you!

She looked at him and you could visually see her heart melting. She smiled lovingly as she spoke.

She – Don’t think you can talk to me sweetly and I’ll forget about how you broke the expensive vase. Let your dad get home and I’m telling him!

Author: Zainab Haji

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