They sat together on the concrete by the sea, gazing at the sunset and the golden hues of the sky!

If they had to define ‘happiness’, this moment would have probably done it.

She looked at him and smiled. His hair caught the sun and shined brighter than any diamond she’d ever seen. His eyes twinkled and his smile made her heart melt.

For her, he was the most gorgeous thing alive!

Slyly, she placed her hand next to his and only barely touched it. He didn’t notice!

She moved it closer and he still kept looking at the sky.

A little frustrated now, she placed it on top of his. He finally looked at her and smiled.

She – The comfort in holding hands is so underrated.

He smiled in agreement and came and sat closer to her. A moment later, he got up and started running along the shore.

She looked at him and smiled wider than she ever had. He was indeed beautiful.

He came back a while later and happily wagged his tail.

It was decided, the beach was indeed their favourite place.

Author: Zainab Haji

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