Nothing could have broken her reverie except the incessant knocking on the door.

She must have been day-dreaming a lot for his first sentence as he entered was,

He – What took so long?

She – Nothing!

And she slyly walked in the kitchen to cook him a snack as an excuse to avoid conversation.

He threw down his things haphazardly and walked into the kitchen after her.

After having spent so many years with her, he could obviously sense something was wrong.

He – How was your day?

She – It was good.

She said in between the clanking of utensils and ladles to hide a sob!

She – Yours?

He – Never been better!

She stopped midway putting tea-powder in the boiling milk. She knew!

She – Strange how some people hide behind their words!

He – And so many hide behind their eyes.

And she shifted in her place guiltily.

She – Tell me what happened with you?

He – They bullied me again. Even after all the anti-ragging forms they’ve signed and campaigns they’ve taken part in! What about you?

She – Your father called. The divorce papers are ready to be signed.

Author: Zainab Haji

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