She had always dreamed about having a daughter. But who would let her?

In her own fantasy world, she had a daughter who was beautiful. She would spend her entire time taking care of her and looking after her. She would feed her, change her and caress her till she went to sleep.

The reality wasn’t nearly the same. Society did not let her have her own daughter. Or any child for that matter!

What was the problem? She wasn’t a murder convict, a thief or anything. She would’ve given her all for that daughter. So much so that she already had a room in house that was painted pink with a crib in the centre.

When asked this question, her answer would astound so many!

He – If you ever have a daughter, what would you want her to be when she grows up?

She – Happy!

And she would smilingly get back to whatever she was doing!

She lived in a country where daughters were looked down upon. A country where daughters were killed even before they were born!

Then in such a country, what stopped her from having a daughter willingly?

Not a single adoption centre that would accept her form let alone actually consider her application! Not a single hospital that would look into her case. Why?

Maybe the country she lived in wasn’t just against daughters. Maybe it was against all women. She was just an unfortunate lesbian in an unfortunate orthodox country.



Author: Zainab Haji

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