He enters the house whilst loosening his tie and places his briefcase on the couch.

Oddly, he has a contented smile on his face today.

She looks at him in wonder. What could be the cause of this once in a blue moon thing? She checks his collar for lipstick stains but doesn’t find anything.

She – You look happy!

He smiles his satisfied smile again and answers in one definite sentence.

He – Because I made someone else happy!

And he says no more!

She still wonders what it could be.

He lies down on the bed and thinks back about what happened today.

He – It’s been so long since I’d last done something like this. I won’t tell her anything. I don’t want her to think I’m a different person.

He was a ruthless boss. Probably the worst of them all! Those who worked under him feared his mere presence.

But how would the new intern know? Freshly out of college, she was as bubbly as one would expect a 20 year old to be. Outspoken and a tad-bit loud, she was adored by the entire office. She hadn’t encountered the worst yet.

And then one day, when he was walking towards his cabin for lunch, she stopped right in front of him. Those who saw gawped at the two and feared what would happen. Everyone knew better than to stop him before lunch.

She – Hello, Sir! You might not know me but I’m the new intern.

He looked like he could kill a bear with his bare hands at the moment.

He – And what am I supposed to do with this information?

She – My mom expected me to be home for a week. Could I maybe –

He simply walks away without another word, leaving her mid-sentence. With a fallen face, she goes back to her desk.

A few hours go by and she starts packing up for the day when the office clerk comes and hands her a parcel.

She thanks the clerk and takes the parcel.

She opens the box skeptically. A box of chocolate tarts with a little note:

“Here’s your Christmas present. Take two weeks off!”

Author: Zainab Haji

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