This was another one of their dates. There they were, at their usual restaurant, sitting in their favourite spot beside the window having a little conversation.

He – So tell me, you’ve become a little quieter these days. What’s the reason?

She – I tend to offend people with my honesty. So I chose silence and a half smile over the years.

He – I hope I’ve never gotten the ‘half smile’, have I?

And they laughed together!

He – So who has got the most ‘half smiles’ over the years?

She – People who treat women as the lesser gender. People who mistake misogyny for chivalry! And –

And she was interrupted by the waiter.

He (waiter) – umm…excuse me. Here’s the bill.

As she reached for it, he snatched it and said

He – Don’t bother. I’ll obviously pick the tab!

She didn’t say anything and ‘half-smiled’.

Author: Zainab Haji

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