They sat next to each other, deep in discussion!

She would say something and he would nod in agreement. She would ask him something, he would have the answer. She would need help, he would be up and about! And the other way around, too.

And so, they sat talking today!

No amount of noise in their surroundings could make them shift focus.

She – …and she said no one would miss me!

He looked more offended than ever. How dare she hurt her!

He – Forget it. Who cares about her?

She – I do! Besides, it is true. No one will miss me!

He – They realise what they’ve lost once you’re gone.

She looked at him gravely as she spoke.

She – What if they never realise?

Of all the times he had an answer to every little question of hers, this was the one time he didn’t!

But then, it struck him!

He – Well, then you just come back as a ghost and haunt them till they realise!

And she laughed like never before. Like she didn’t have another care in the world!

He looked at her laugh and smiled contentedly. He did have the right answer!

Suddenly, the nurse came hurriedly and ushered the father and daughter into their separate ICU wards. Cancer patients who were this critical were not allowed to leave the ICU.

Author: Zainab Haji


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