Her mother had one dream and one dream only. To see her daughter become a Chartered Accountant like her husband!

She had often told her daughter of her dream but the daughter had other plans.

Today, it had been years since her mother had first told her of her dream. It had also been years since her death.

The daughter was raised by her father and had grown to live up to her mother’s dream. After all, after her mother’s death this was the least she could do for her!

Today was the final paper of the entrance exam and she had been nervous like never before. What if she didn’t clear?

And what if she did clear? Did she really want to give up on her own dreams and follow another’s?

She stood there, thinking and rethinking things until her father came. He saw her and understood what she might be thinking.

He – Don’t go.

She (surprised) – What? No. Mom’s dream!

He – You clearly don’t want to do this and you have dreams of your own. Don’t force yourself into this.

She – But…

He – I’ve lived my entire life being in a job I didn’t love. I’m glad you’re not like me!

She smiled a grateful smile as she spoke.

She – Thank you Dad. For setting me free!

And he handed her jacket, gloves and helmet to her. She turned the key of her bike and the engine roared to life. Sitting astride, she gave a final wave to her father, put the bike in gear and raced ahead, quickly disappearing from sight! After all, racing is what she had loved since she first sat on a toy bike.

He smiled and took the bowl of curd and sugar back inside.

Author: Zainab Haji


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