She couldn’t sleep that night. No amount of twisting and turning made her bed comfortable.

Sleeplessness made her mind wander. She couldn’t help but think about the past. How life had changed!


This was just another college day. She attended the last lecture and went to the canteen to hang out with her friends. Time quickly passed as they cracked jokes and made fun of the teachers.

Not long before she had to go back home. She got up to leave and said her goodbyes. As she started walking away, he came running to her.

He (breathing heavily) – “Wait…I’ve to tell you something.”

She – “Yeah?”

He – “You know how we’ve been best friends for 8 years?”

She – “Yes?”

He – “And you know how you are the one person I absolutely adore?”

She (suspiciously) – “Yes? What are you trying to say?”

He – “What I’m trying to say is that…”

He brought out a crumpled red rose from behind his back and gave it to her.

He – “I love you!”

And she couldn’t help but think about her first heartbreak. Was she strong enough to handle it again?

She – “For how long?”

And she walked away, leaving him standing there with the wilting rose in his hand and disappointment in his eyes.

It had been 7 years since that day and here she was lying in bed. She got out of bed, walked over to her cupboard and brought out a fat, old book. She opened it and there it was! The crumpled red rose.

She went back to bed, smiled a satisfied smile, turned to her side and hugged him tight. She felt him smile. She still remembered how he had screamed ‘forever’ after her question that day.




Author: Zainab Haji

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