She sat at the usual tea stall with him. Her best friend!

This was her fifth cup of tea.

He – What’s with all the tea?

She – I haven’t slept since three nights. The insomnia is getting worse.

He – Why? What keeps you awake at night?

She – Flashbacks.

He looked at her with a confused expression.

She – I can’t help but think about all those times that we were one big happy family. The times when we lived together – me, him and the kids!

He – And now…

She – I know I should keep the country above my selfish needs but after all I am a woman. How can I not miss him? The army is keeping him away from me.

He – It’s for the nation and you’re doing a good thing.

She – I know but…

She couldn’t help but think about all the times he would come home and she would have laid out dinner for him. How they would sleep until late on Sundays and then cook brunch together. The happier days!

And that’s when she heard it. The bell! She had to get back to the cantonment for the drill.

The two soldiers solemnly walked back to their camp.



Author: Zainab Haji





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