He saw her after so long, passing by the street.

Otherwise he would’ve considered this highly tacky but this was his best friend we’re talking about and so he shouted her name from across the road.

She stopped and looked around, searching for the source.

The widest smile lit her face the minute she laid eyes on him. She hadn’t been this happy in a long time and so she hurried over to his side with barely contained excitement.

The two friends hugged after ages and their hug seemed like it lasted for ages.

Both introverts started talking their hearts out and caught up with everything that had happened in the other’s life.

It was all good when suddenly, he remembered something.

He – Oh! I almost forgot to ask. How come you and this?

He pointed towards something nearby.

She smiled shyly.

He – I remember trying to teach you all our college life but you were so scared.

She – My fears have never really left me. I have just learnt to overpower them.

And he looked at her in awe. His goofy and nerdy best friend from college had grown up so much. He was proud.

She smiled at him and then at her bike parked nearby.

Finally bidding him goodbye and making plans of catching up soon, she sat astride the bike, put it in gear and zoomed away.

Author: Zainab Haji

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