They stood together in the balcony of their office, sipping hot tea and breathing in the cool evening breeze.

This was their favourite spot in the city. Not because of the breezes or the pretty view.

They loved it because of the contradiction of the busy, crowded and noisy work space and the peace that lay in the balcony just a door away!

And so, they would spend hours here just enjoying each other’s company.

Today was just another such day!

She – It hurts!

He – What?

She – It hurts to watch familiar faces turning foreign!

He looked at her in a way he never had.

On other days, she would kick ass at everything she did. She almost never had a vulnerable moment in her life.

But to see her like this today! So frail. So gullible.

It killed him!

And so, he held her hand, made her face him and spoke in the kindest tone he could muster.

He – No matter what happens, I’m always here. I will be there for you until the end even if you forget my face one day. You and I will kick Alzheimer’s butt together!

She smiled, emptied the cup of tea in her hand and walked through the door into the noisy office full of now unfamiliar faces!

Author: Zainab Haji

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