Just like every night, he was in bed with her!

They were lying together, tired and sated. And as usual they started talking. She was an introvert but it was different with him. With him, she could talk for hours at a stretch. About her day, her past and her life!

As she spoke, he grazed her arm and came across scars on her forearm. She flinched!

He – “What made you do this to yourself?”

She said nothing and just smiled!

He – “Stop faking that smile. I want to get to know you, deeper than what you carry on the surface.”

She – “Why?”

He – Because if you ever remember me I want to leave a mark, not a scar!

She looked at him in awe. This was the feeling she had never let herself explore before. This was the feeling they called ‘love’. This man in front of her was all she had ever wanted and all she had ever looked for.

And so, she told him every little detail that led her to giving herself those scars. Painful little details!

He couldn’t bear to hear what all she had gone through. He wondered how such a pretty face hid this much sadness. Overcome with emotion, he kissed her on her forehead!

She – “I’m getting late. I’ve to get back to work!”

And she started getting dressed. He counted a few notes from his wallet and handed them to her.

He – “You know there will be a day when I won’t have to pay you and you won’t have to leave every night.”

She smiled a sad smile and left, closing the door behind her!



Author: Zainab Haji


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