Irritated, he walked on the footpath, not paying attention to who he was pushing. 

When suddenly, he bumped hard into someone. When he didn’t bother to look back and apologize, the person pulled his arm and brought him face to face.

He turned angrily, ready to vent his frustration on this person. But one look at her and his anger disappeared.

She – Oh my God! All these years and somehow, anger still rests on your nose.

He smiled embarrassedly!

She – How have you been? And what’s got you so angry?

He – Nothing much. Just ended a 2 year old relationship. I think that’s reason enough to be angry!

She – No, it isn’t! If it was love, you should be happy that it lasted at least two years and if it wasn’t love then what’s the fuss about?

He looked at her in awe as she smiled contentedly.

He – How are you always so cheery?

She – Because I have never stopped believing in fairytales.

Almost immediately, he laughed.

She looked at him a little confused.

He (laughing) – So, you really think a beast will turn into a handsome prince for you? When will you grow up?

She smiled in return.

She – I believe if your love is strong enough, it can turn even the most evil person into a darling. And if you love someone’s personality, their looks are just a bonus!

Author: Zainab Haji

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