She sat coolly in the bedroom while he walked around the hall in fear.

Anxiety had gripped him from all sides and the clock that loudly ticked away didn’t make things any better.

The house was silent except for the creaking of the fan, the rustle of the leaves outside and the shuffling of his slippers.

Finally, he walked into her room in nervousness.

And his worst fear was realized.

She lay on the bed, blowing bubbles with her pink bubble gum and simply staring at the ceiling above. She seemed to have no care in the world.

And so he lost his cool!

He – Why are you wasting time like this? Don’t you fear failures?

She spoke with a kind of calm he hadn’t witnessed before.

She – Of course I fear failures. I may fall often but I also know I won’t stay defeated!

And the 15 year old looked at her father and smiled. She couldn’t care less about the exam she had the next day.

She wasn’t going to bother with Algebra and Economics when her talent needed just a canvas and some paints!

Author: Zainab Haji



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