Upon climaxing, he heavily fell onto her, satisfied!

A while later, she got out from under him and started getting dressed.

He – What’s the hurry?

She – What’s left to be done?

And she continued getting dressed.

He – Come here and talk to me.

She looked at him, surprised. Walking over to him, she smiled and then sat next to him.

She – So, what is it that you wanted to talk about? An unusual feat!

He – What is it that you are looking for in a guy?

She spoke a while later with a different kind of spark in her eyes.

She – I don’t want to be someone’s eye candy. I want to be the food for soul!

He looked at her curiously.

She – What?

He – Nothing!

She – I know it’s surprising. Does a 40 year old, bar dancer really expect to be someone’s eye candy?

He – No. It’s surprising that we haven’t talked about this before!

She – What difference would it have made?

He – You would have known sooner that being a diabetic, I don’t really like candy. Although, I am a huge foodie!

And she smiled as he winked!

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