He lay tiredly in bed as she sat next to him and stroked his forehead.

But even as he lay and it took him immense trouble to just breathe, he looked at her and smiled.

He had loved her the most and with his all. He had loved her when she goofily laughed at his lame jokes and faces. He had loved her when her nose turned red every time she cried. He had loved her when she drooled as she slept.

For him, she was the most beautiful girl ever!

And today, as he lay in bed, breathing heavily, he knew this was his last day. And yet, he was at peace knowing he was next to her.

She noticed him smiling at her.

She – What?

He spoke but it took a lot of effort.

He – Love! Love is unconditional.

She – Says who? Love comes with expectations attached!

He looked at her with an expression hard to read and spoke after a while!

He – I had loved you unconditionally and n –

And suddenly, he clutched his chest and started breathing too heavily to be normal. His eyes were wider than ever. His pupils dilated.

She looked at him worried. She had to call somebody!

And she ran to make the phone call.

Holding the phone, she dialed his number as fast as her fingers would let her and her voice trembled as she spoke. She didn’t have a lot of time.

She – Hello? Could I speak to our family lawyer? My father’s will needs to be signed.

Author: Zainab Haji