She had been talking to her neighbour. Her everyday routine!

They spoke about their everyday affairs.

She – It’s been so long since he visited me.

She (neighbor) – Do you miss him?

She – I don’t really but it would be nice to see him come and pay a visit. I trust those more who make an effort to come down and see me than those who say ‘I miss you’ a lot.

And then she would tactfully change the subject and talk about other things.

This was just their everyday routine because after some time, staying there alone with nothing to do would make you gossip more than you’d like.

They talked into the night with crickets chirping and owls hooting around. And then as the first rays of sunlight started brightening the black sky, they bid each other goodbye. It was time to go to bed.

After all, the cemetery came to life only at night!

Author: Zainab Haji


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