He felt like he was on a cloud. Most newlyweds feel that way!

New experiences every single day and a rush of newfound love every morning. The two felt giddy with emotions!

It had been a week since their marriage and he had come to visit his mother today.

The dining table was full of his favourite dishes. He sat relishing them turn by turn and she sat admiring him lovingly.

She – How is the food?

He spoke from in between mouthfuls.

He – It’s good. The usual! You know, Ma, she makes the best pasta in the world.

Her eyes narrowed a little as she spoke.

She – But I’m sure you still love my curry the most!

He – It’s like she does magic on her food.

She – Her chapatis wouldn’t be round enough. That’s for sure!

He – They are perfectly round. As if cut to shape!

She – So now you like her chapatis better than mine, too. It has hardly been a week since you got married and look how she has manipulated you. You think everything about her is perfect? You’re wrong. Nobody is perfect. There must be something she lacks!

A blank look on his face, he spoke in the most casual tone he could manage.

He – Drama. She lacks drama!

Angrily, she walked off into her bedroom. Shaking his head, he followed.

He – I never said I like her chapatis better. You don’t have to be so insecure. She is going to stay with us only for a few days and then she will go back!

She (confused) – Who?

He – My mother-in-law! That’s who we were talking about all this while, weren’t we?

Author: Zainab Haji

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