The cool evening breeze caressed their cheeks and her hair blew with the wind.

They sat on their favourite park bench enjoying the view, the calming sounds of birds chirping, children happily playing and the hues of the setting sun!

She sighed peacefully!

But the soothing evening wasn’t the reason of her peacefulness.

She felt a different kind of calm sitting next to him.

And so, she looked at him and smiled.

He looked at her with a confused expression. He obviously didn’t understand her sudden happiness.

He – What?

She – Thank you!

He looked even more confused now.

He – For?

She – For freeing me of my doubts. Doubts I had about love. You came with all the answers!

He smiled goofily.

He – How come you’re thinking this all of a sudden?

She – The fact that both of you love each other so much is incredible! The way you two have faced every problem that came your way with so much passion and have never left each other’s hand makes me truly believe in love.

He smiled at her as a tear slowly rolled down his cheek.

She was truly his best friend.

He – Save something for the speech at our wedding.

She – Oh! I have loads in store. You see how I make everyone cry with my brilliant public-speaking skills.

And they laughed together like a pair of teenage friends.

He – But I know you’re going to need the most tissues when the priest tells me to kiss him.

She smiled guiltily!

Author: Zainab Haji

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