Today was girls’ night out. Her friend was supposed to come over today.

As the two women met, they hugged after a long time and let go only reluctantly.

A bottle of wine was popped open and its contents overflowed. This, if you think about it, was a perfect metaphor for the two women gossiping and overflowing with information!

As the night progressed, the talks got deeper. They went from talking about their friend’s new hot boyfriend to the problems they faced as a newlywed.

It was all merry until her husband called.

He – I’ll come home late. Don’t wait for dinner! Bye.

And the one-sided conversation ended in less than a minute. Her expression became somber as she disconnected the call. Her friend noticed at once and asked what he had said to make her this upset. She replayed the conversation after which the other gasped.

She (friend) – Has this been going on for long?

She – Kind of!

She (friend) – Do you think he’s…cheating on you?

She nodded gravely and spoke in a whisper.

She – The real disaster isn’t that he’s cheating on me. The real disaster is that he didn’t have enough reasons to resist.

And she sipped some more wine to kill the burning fire inside her.

She (friend) – So, do you have any idea who the woman is?

She (confused) – Woman?

She (friend) – Yeah! You know…the mistress.

She looked even more confused.

She – What mistress?

Her friend looked at her weirdly, wondering if she was acting or was just generally being silly.

She (friend) – The woman with whom your man is cheating on you!

She laughed so suddenly that her friend was startled.

She – There is no woman. He’s cheating on me by eating out every night. He doesn’t like what I cook!

Author: Zainab Haji

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