She hated parties. Her definition of a well-spent Saturday night was sitting by the window, reading her favourite book and falling asleep. He was different.

It was almost like a tradition that he went out every Saturday night. He would drink till he dropped and would dance like no one was watching.

They were as different as night and day. But just how the dawn brings night and day together, their passion for the piano got them together. Theirs was a love marriage.

But things didn’t go as planned. She wanted him to spend holidays and special days with her at home, cooking or going for a quiet dinner. He wanted her to go to clubs with him and drink. If there was any principle she had it was to never drink.

Their relationship started to fall apart and she realized she had to save it. And so she devised a plan.

She – We’ll go out every Saturday and do as you please but you will have to stay at home with me for the rest of the week.

He (excitedly) – Deal!

And so they shook hands.

He spent every single night at home for the rest of the week. They would bake, read, and listen to music and waltz.

And then came the dreaded Saturday night. She dressed up even though she hated every bit of it and they left for a club in town.

She – I’ll get you a drink.

He (surprised) – Are you sure?

She – Yeah!

And so she headed to the bar and bought two drinks. She took longer than expected but he didn’t mind. And then they danced. Another round of drinks and another dancing session!

This went on until late at night. She was drunk! She stumbled on every step and fell on the road beside the gutter. He hated to see her like that.

The next morning was a hung-over blur for him. But she came into the bedroom without a trace of a headache.

She – Last night was really fun. Let’s make this an everyday thing.

He – What? But I thought you hated –

She – Oh I was silly!

He – What has gotten into you? You fell on the road last night and puked all over yourself and want to do it again?

She – Don’t be such a baby. Stop cribbing!

He – One night out and you’ve changed.

She – You wanted this change and now that I have, you’re still complaining?

He – No, I don’t like this change. I liked the older you. And I hate to agree but your way of spending nights was much more fun. I’ve started hating clubs and alcohol now.

She – So are you saying we’ll never party again?

He – I don’t want to anymore!

She smiled, walked over to him and hugged him.

She – What I had last night wasn’t beer. It was apple juice.

And she winked!




Author: Zainab Haji

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