They were lying there, holding hands and cuddling.

This was their everyday routine now. They would meet and talk!

Today was just another day! They were lying in bed.

He was tracing the marks on her arms with his finger when she looked at him and smiled a satisfied smile.

He felt her smile and looked up at her.

He – What? What makes you smile?

She – Nothing!

And yet she was smiling.

He – Tell me!

She – Not telling!

And she didn’t stop smiling.

He – So you aren’t going to tell me?

And he got up and started tickling her. She giggled and kicked and thrashed!

She – Okay – okay – I’ll – tell – you.

He stopped tickling and she lay there, out of breath. She spoke after a while.

She – Have you ever slept on the terrace to watch a starlit summer sky and see conversations between stars?

He – Yes, why?

She – Your eyes have the same kind of sparkle!

And he just looked at her, extremely in love!

She (getting up) – I have to go.

He – Don’t go today.

She got up and started getting dressed.

She – There will soon be a day when I will neither leave nor have to pay you every day. I will soon tell the world you’re mine and I’m yours. I will soon get married to you!

She counted a few notes and handed them to him, leaving without a good bye. He got up and picked the money she had left. He counted it, smiled a sly smile and waited for his next client!

Author: Zainab Haji

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