They sat face to face. Tension was tangible in the air!

Just like any other modern millennial woman, she was capable of taking her own decisions. Hardly had she needed advice.

Yet, somehow, after all these years, she needed help.

And so, she sat in front of her father, seeking his advice.

She – What will they say?

He – Why do you care? You say you love each other, right? Then why are ‘they’ in between?

She – They’ll say things to you, too. How will you face that?

He smiled at her in the most loving way possible.

He – I’ll manage!

And she sat thinking about it. She had thought about it way too much already but nothing seemed to be making enough sense.

She – Whom should I listen to? Brain or heart?

He (smiling) – Your conscience, sweetheart.

It was as if something clicked inside her. As if all the pieces were finally in place. Suddenly, ‘they’ didn’t matter anymore. Suddenly, all seemed well!

She smiled at him and spoke with newfound courage and a tone of finality.

She – I have decided! I am going to marry her.

Author: Zainab Haji

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