This wasn’t the first time she had punched a guy in the face for harassing a woman in public.

Neither was this the first time she was arrested for it.

And so, even today, she called him to let her out like always.

Papers were signed, locks were opened and smiles were shared. She was let out and they hugged just like two children first had, years ago.

They walked out of the police station proudly and went to their favourite tea stall at the end of the road.

It had been a tiring but good day and just like always, a cup of steaming tea washed away all their tiredness.

An unconscious smile spread across her face as she was lost in her thoughts and she didn’t notice him staring at her. His eyes reflected years of love and affection for her. If only she noticed!

She looked at him a while later and he smiled.

She – What?

He – You’re the most confident girl I’ve ever met.

She – How can you say that?

He – You go out of your way to support other women.

An innocent smile lit her face.

She – And they say society does not accept transgenders. I think I’m the luckiest one out there.

And they laughed together like a couple of lovers.

Author: Zainab Haji


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